Friday, August 18, 2006


Okay so here's a quick rundown of the prizes.

1st place gets a great package which includes the following:

-A guest spot on the upcoming revival of my tv show(that's right, its coming back!)
-You get to be my roomie for at least one year since Cable disapperaed.
-You also get to rub off my spotlight, by becoming a member of my blog and edit the settings and stuff too.
-I shall ensure that you get merc jobs.
-You'll be apart of my cool new superteam(which includes sexy babe Super-girl)
-And much more!

2nd prize:
-A personalized autographafter $69.99

-Personalized stab wounds.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Welcome to The Apprentice Mercenary Edition. Over the course of this interview process you, the contestants will be fighting over the job as my apprentice. You'll be seperated into two different teams. Each week you will be given a task to complete, with a team leader devising a strategey plan to get said task accomplished. The winning team each week shall be rewarded, while the losing team will deal with me in the board room(or my hot tub[ladies?]). In my hot tub I shall be firing each member of the losing team shall explain why they think they lost and who was the dork that messed the task up. My advisors who were watching your task shall advise me who to fire. Also if you're a hot senorita you're less likely to get fired than say if you're fat like the Slug or Kingpin.

Anyway we'll be starting in a bit!